The New Book By Accidental Expert and Mother, Judith Kadi

Accidental expert and mother relives her hard won peace with autism and paves a path for others to walk with this often misunderstood diagnosis, gracefully.

About Judith Kadi

Judith Kadi's run in with autism through her son, Rome, now six, changed her life's path in unexpected ways. Judith is an unwitting expert, a mother, first and foremost, who feels a deep need to share what she's learned from her son and living with autism to help anyone whose child, family or friends are touched by this mercurial and upredicatable condition.

About Walking with Autism

Walking with Autism is both memoir and guide.

Judith generously brings us into her world where we witness the beginnings of a family transforming themselves from powerless to powerful with stunning results that continue to exceed and baffle expert's expectations.

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